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Frequently asked questions

1) "Application" and "admission": What is the difference?

The "admission" (Studienzulassung) is separate from the specific "application" (Bewerbung) to the Matilda programme.

The admission office checks if you meet the general admission requirements such as language proficiency, higher education qualifications etc.

The Matilda-specific application process means that the Matilda coordinators review your academic qualifications for the programme. 


2) When do I send in my Matilda application?

The Matilda application can be sent in after your official admission to the History Master's programme.


3) To whom should I send my application?

Each application (one pdf file) must be sent to the following addresses:





4) Should the letters of recommendation be sent in by the respective professor or academic instructor directly?

No, they must be sent via email to the aforementioned address as part of the pdf file.


5) How should I send in my application?

Send your application as one pdf file with the title "Application Matilda_Name".


6) Is there a deadline for my application?

There is no specific deadline to your application to the Matilda programme, but there are deadlines each semester for admission to a Master's programme as well as the registration for courses and seminars.



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