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CEU MATILDA Course Schedule 2016/2017

The course lists may change slightly in any given semester due to unforeseen circumstances.
You may also wish to consult the general lists of MA classes in both the Gender Studies Department and the History Department, as well as the course lists of other departments. With the permission of the respective instructor and of the MATILDA Co-Director Francisca de Haan (dehaanf@ceu.edu), you may take selected electives not included in the course list below if these are pertinent to your research interest.

Course syllabi are accessible through the web pages of the respective departments: www.ceu.edu -> Academics -> Schools and Departments.

First-year students

MATILDA Course Schedule 2016-2017

I. Semester (FALL term, 19 September- 9 December 2016): 30 ECTS

Mandatory courses:

Foundations in Women’s and Gender History
(8 ECTS) :
Consists of a combination of the relevant parts of the course Foundations in Gender Studies and the course Modern Historiography 4+4 ECTS – see courses below.

4 ECTS: Foundations in Gender Studies I: Sara Meger (GENS, MATILDA component)

4 ECTS: Historiography: Lectures: Carsten Wilke and Daniel Ziemann (HIST/MED)

Foundations in Historical Methods and Theories (4 ECTS):
Consists of a combination of courses from Hist and Gens: see below and Winter Semester

Critical Interdisciplinary Approaches to Doing Research in Gender Studies (“M”) – 4 ECTS (Jasmina Lukic) (GENS)

Academic Writing – in Gender Studies Department
2 ECTS: [this class continues in the winter semester].

2 ECTS: Public lecture series

Recommended Electives (choose 14 ECTS)

Elective courses:

Feminist Literary Studies – 4 ETCS (Vera Eliasova) (GENS)

Gender and Migration: Local, National, and Global Lives — 8 ECTS  (Nadia Jones-Gailani)

Islamic Feminism in Historical Perspective
— 4 ECTS  (Nadia Jones-Gailani)

Gendered Memories of the Holocaust — 8 ECTS (Andrea Pető) (GENS)

Reimagining Social Movements — 8 ECTS  (Hadley Z. Rankin)

Human Rights and Biopolitics - 4 ETCS (Judit Sándor) (GENS)

Queer Theory — 4 ECTS  (Eszter Timár)


Revolutions and Civil Wars in the Twentieth Century: a Comparative Analysis – 8 ETCS (Julian Casanova) (HIST)

Everyday Life History in Empire and Beyond – 8 ETCS (Tolga Esmer) (HIST)

Gender, Medicine, and Science - 4 ETCS (Emese Lafferton) (HIST)

Media, Communication and Communism in International Context – 8 ECTS (Marsha Siefert) (HIST)

Consumption and Consumer Culture under Capitalism and Socialism – 4 ETCS (Adelina Stefan) (HIST)

II. Semester (WINTER term: 9 January – 31 March 2017): 30 ECTS

Mandatory courses

Foundations in Historical Methods and Theories
(4 ECTS):

4 ECTS: Women’s and Gender History: An Introduction to Theory, Methods and Archives: Francisca de Haan (cross-listed Gens and History) (HIST)
[this is the second half of your mandatory Foundations in Historical Methods and Theories)]

2 ECTS: Academic Writing Part II –[this class continues from the fall semester]

2 ECTS: Public lecture series

Languages (up to 8 ECTS) (depending on your language skills and mobility plans)

Recommended Electives (choose 14 - 22 ECTS, depending on your language component):

Discourse Analysis (M) — 4 ECTS Erzsébet Barát (GENS)

Gender and Activism — 4 ECTS (Selin Cagatay)

Politics of Reproduction
— 4 ECTS (Eva Fodor)

Communism and Gender: Global and Historical Perspectives — 8 ECTS (Francisca de Haan) (GENS)

Gender and Nationalism – 4 ETCS (Elissa Helms) (GENS)

Gender and Political Radicalism in Islam — 8 ECTS  (Nadia Jones-Gailani)

Gender and International Development - 8 ECTS (Sara Meger) (GENS)

Gender, Peace and Security
- 8 ECTS (Sara Meger) (GENS)

Sexuological Subjects − 8 ECTS (Hadley Z. Renkin) (GENS)

Oral History: Qualitative Methods (“M”)
- 4 ECTS (Andrea Pető) (GENS)


Gender under State Socialism
— 4 ECTS (Eszter Bartha) (HIST)

Socialist Intermediaries: the Institutions and Practices of Transnational Communism
  – 4 ECTS (Constantin Iordachi and Charles Shaw) (HIST)

Empires and Nationalism in Russia and the Soviet Union – 4 ECTS (Alexey Miller) (HIST)

European Labor History in Global Context from the 18th Century to the Present
8 ECTS (Marsha Siefert) (HIST)

Historical Narratives and the Moving Image: Theory and Practice
– 8 ECTS (Oksana Sarkisova and Jeremy Braverman) (HIST)

World War II in Soviet History – 4 ECTS (Charles Shaw) (HIST)

Introduction to History and Sociology of Science
- 4 ECTS (Karl Hall (HIST)

The Political Languages of Anti-Modernism
– 8 ECTS (Balázs Trencsényi) (HIST)

Problems and Paradigms in Jewish History – 8 ECTS (Carsten Wilke)

SPRING term (May 2017)


Advanced Topics in Gender Studies MA - 4 ECTS (Andrea Pető)  (GENS)




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