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Prof. Sylvie Schweitzer (Department of History) : Her research as well as her academic teaching focus on social history and women’s and gender history of the 19th and 20th centuries, especially labour history (hierarchies in factories and offices during the second industrialization, work organization, employers policies) as well as history of women’s work (for example on french Ladies inspectors of labour) and women’s education. She’s actually completing her research on history of high qualified european women and their professions during the 19th and 20th C.

E- mail: sylvie.schweitzer(at)ish-lyon.cnrs.fr

Associate Prof. Marianne Thivend (Department of History) : Her research as well as her academic teaching deals on social history of France and Europe during the 19th and 20th C., especially on history of education and history of women’s education. She had published on history of primary urban schools during the Third Republic and she now focuses her research on a gendered history of vocational studies during the first and the second industrialisation.

E- mai:l Marianne.Thivend(at)univ-lyon2.fr

Associate Prof. Pascale Barthélémy (Departement of History, ENS-LSH) : her work is dedicated to women and gender history in subsaharian Africa during the 20th C. Her first research dealed on education and profesionalization of women during the colonial period and she is now studying the different political engagements of african women in Mali.

Prof. Christine Planté (Departement of French Literature) : Her main research interest is history of writings, theories and représentations of the Masculine and Feminine, and also on women’s place in the history of literary’s institution. She is now writing on women poet of the 19th C., and on the relation between masculine and feminine in nineteeth century Press.

Prof. Anne-Marie Sohn (Departement of History, ENS-LSH) : Her research focus on women and young people history as well as history of private life and history of sexuality. She is now writing on the construction of masculinity during the 19th C.

Associate Prof. Laurence Tain (Departement of Sociology and Demography) : Her research deals on sociology of professions (mainly professions of health), on demography, gender and health. She is the director of the « Observatoire pour l’égalité des femmes et des hommes » of the « Louise Labé » ’ center.

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