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Course Overview

The Europrean Master in Women's and Gender History is designed as a transdisciplinary programme. Therefore, qualified and applicable lectures and seminars come from different course catalogues.

Find out more on the credit system here.

For further information on the credit system (Anrechenbarkeit) at the University of Vienna and personal support, please consult with: 

Yvonne Cunia BA, yvonne.cunia@univie.ac.at

Office hours: Monday & Thursday, 11am-12pm

Do not forget to notify me of your intended attendance via email!


Where to find me:

Universität Wien Hauptgebäude (Universitätsring 1, 1010 Wien)

Stiege 10, Institut für Geschichte - Projekte

My office is located in the main building of the University. Via stairwell number 10, right before you leave for the main yard ("Arkadenhof") you can access the small office complex that is labeled "Department of History - Projects" through an open entrance door on your left. After climbing the stairs, please ring the bell.

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